Mr. & Mrs. Luedke | Wedding

An overcast Saturday in August started the Luedke wedding day. Hair and makeup for the ladies at HairTenders and then off to the church for the bride and groom’s first look. One of my favorite parts of each wedding day! As the day progressed, everything was lovely and represented the couple perfectly! Here are some of my favorite images from their day. See more here.


See their engagement pictures here for some other cute images of this couple!

Mr. & Mrs. Clark | Wedding

This lovely wedding took place at the Circle S Ranch and couldn’t have been more beautiful! We had rain an hour before the ceremony, but everything cleared up just in time! The setting was wonderful, the couple was stunning, the ceremony was beautiful, and the party was so much fun! These are just some of my favorites. Be sure to check out Facebook for some other ones! Congratulations you two!!


Mr. & Mrs. Scott | Wedding

A rainy and stormy night led up to a beautiful sunny Friday wedding day for these two lovebirds! We began the day over at Samantha’s family home with the gals, then to the church to see the guys before one of my favorite moments, that’s right, the FIRST LOOK! There’s was one of my all time favorites for sure! So sweet!! The whole day went off without a hitch. So many images makes it difficult for me to share just a few favorites. These are some more than usual, but I couldn’t resist! Enjoy these highlights from their day and be sure to hop over to Facebook to see the album with a few different shots you don’t want to miss!
Makeup: Kree Pena Makeup Artistry
Hair: Jaime & Sadie from Progressions Salon


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Baby C | Lifestyle-Family

How cute is this little guy!? We had a fun afternoon getting some shots of C with his parents at home last Sunday. One of his little cribs was his Dad’s. I thinks it’s so sweet that it was passed down for him to use! These are some of my favorite shots from the session. Be sure to check out my Facebook page for a couple others.









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Mr. & Mrs. Douglass | Wedding

The week started out rainy and thankfully Saturday was all sunshine with a small breeze! A beautiful day for two wonderful people to make their forever commitment before the Lord, their family and friends! I loved all of their decorations they chose and a good time was had by all who attended. I wish I could share all of the images I take, but these are just a few of my favorites from the day. You can see some additional favorites over on my Facebook page.

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Click here to see their engagement pictures!

Warren | Family

I was so excited when Noma asked if I could do some updated pictures of her family for her Mom’s birthday! Thankfully our morning wasn’t too hot thanks to the wind. We were able to get some wonderful shots that I hope they will enjoy for many years to come! Here are some of my favorites. Be sure to check out my Facebook page for some others!







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Mariah & Trey | Engagement

Our session was set for Sunday with the crazy weather, but instead of crazy weather, we just got to experience crazy. We started our session like I normally do and everything was going great! These two are pros! We moved over to a new set of pink doors that I had discovered awhile back. Shot a couple shots, moved into the street for some quick snaps there and as I’m shooting we here someone else shooting. Um, hello?! Being downtown, sound bounces, so we weren’t sure exactly where the shots came from, but we did see a car peel out and head the opposite direction of us. Needless to say, we skedaddled back to the truck and left the area. On our way out we saw another man on his phone and waving down the police that were headed that same direction. How’s that for an exciting session?! We finished up our time on the other end of town. I loved getting to capture the smiles and looks between these two and I’m super excited to capture their wedding this summer! Here are some of my favorites. Go check out Facebook for some others. Which ones are your favorites?


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